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Mt Rainier/DC Route

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05/25/13 - 05/27/13

Kitsap Climbing

Suzanne M. Diesen   (Qualified Youth Leader)

8:00 AM

Longmire RS

Member: $44.00
$31 for under 25
The fee will be collected by: Leader
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**REMINDER** This climb is subject to the PRIORITY CLIMBS LIST. Please verify that your branch has priority for this climb.

From Camp Muir follow obvious traverse of the upper Cowlitz and scramble the Cathedral Rocks Ridge to gain access to the Ingraham Glacier (10,500'). Traverse the glacier (Ingraham Flats) to the lower S base of Disappointment Cleaver. This traverse should be done as quickly as possible due to overhanging seracs. The route onto the Cleaver is approximately 300' above the CleaverÍs nose. Continue to the top of the Cleaver (12,300'), and climb as directly to the E crater rim as crevasses will allow. To gain the true summit, scramble down into the crater and cross directly to the W crater rim. The summit register is just below and NE of the true summit (14,411') by a large boulder. Be aware of rockfall danger on the Cleaver after June. Alternate base camp sites can be located on the Muir snowfield (just below Camp Muir) and on the Ingraham Flats (just above Cathedral Rocks Ridge). Treat or boil water at all camps. Be prepared to pack out all solid human waste. Excellent physical conditioning is mandatory. A smaller party size is recommended to minimize impact. A climbing fee is required.
Only Kitsap students have permission to sign up until 4/25. Contact the leader for permission after that. Prospective climbers will be asked to attend a pre-climb meeting.

03/27/13 @ 9:00 AM

05/17/13 @ 5:00 PM

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Basic Glacier Climb

Green Trails Mount Rainier Wonderland No. 269S
Green Trails Mt Rainier East No. 270
Green Trails Mt Rainier West No. 269
USGS Mt Rainier East
USGS Mt Rainier West

Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol I
Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide, 2nd ed
Selected Climbs in the Cascades, Vol 1

Mount Rainier National Park


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