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Mt Spickard/S Ridge

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07/04/13 - 07/07/13

Everett Climbing

Lisa Loper


From the lake at 5,700' at the head of Depot Creek, hike directly up NE toward the pass (at 7,200') that leads to Silver Lake. Well before the pass, turn right and ascend around the right side of the steep, rocky buttress into open slopes and basins. Continue up on moderately steep snow slopes (could find ice) toward a low point in the south ridge of Spickard. Find and cross this easy pass at about 8,000'. Drop about 50' and easily contour east. Find short, easy rock step and pop up on the wide open SE slope. Ascend easy, then moderate open slopes (could find ice), then scramble gullies. The summit is on the right, or north, end of the summit ridge. The approach is strenuous and athletic. The first 2.5 miles of Depot Creek Rd get more overgrown each year, and harder to drive. The hiking part of the roads and the trail were informally brushed out as of August 2000. If not brushed out, the approach can be grueling. The cascading Depot Creek waterfall is magnificent, easily one of the best in Washington, but only small parts of it are visable. Spickard and Redoubt are usually combined in one trip. North Cascades National Park has a party limit of 6 in this area.
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05/15/13 @ 9:00 AM

06/29/13 @ 5:00 PM
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Basic Alpine Climb

USGS Mt Redoubt
USGS Mt Spikard

A Guide to Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern BC


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