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Erling Stordahl (Crystal Springs)

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Seattle Skiing/Snowboarding

Christopher Ensor

8:45 AM

Preston P&R

We will explore the groomed Erling Stordahl trails from the Crystal Springs Snopark, exit 62 off I-90. There are about 6 miles of interesting groomed trails. Conditions can vary depending snow, temperature and how recently the trails have been groomed. If there is time we also explore some of the sled dog trails and part of the John Wayne Trail south of the snopark. Most of the trails are fairly flat but there are some sections that involve hills and therefore the ability to herringbone up and use a wedge/snowplow position for descents. Nordic Classic no-wax skis are recommended. Please note: the trails may or may not have been groomed recently. Please consult the leader if you wish to use other types of ski. We will car pool from the Preston P&R meeting at 8:45 am and all vehicles taken to the trailhead will require WA Snopark Passes. Passes need to be purchased in advance: contact the leader for more information. Taking everyone who signs up will be dependent on enough drivers with suitable vehicles for winter snow conditions volunteering. Directions to Preston P&R The Preston P&R is off I-90, exit 22. If you're headed east on I-90, take exit 22. At the top of the off ramp turn left and cross over the freeway. Shortly past the freeway there's a stop sign. Turn left (patience required here), and then turn left again (in just a few yards) into the Park and Ride. Approaching from westbound I-90 at exit 22 also works.

01/21/13 @ 9:00 AM

02/04/13 @ 5:00 PM

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N2 Nordic Advanced Basic Ski