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Alpine Scrambling Course - Everett

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02/21/13 - 05/23/13

Everett Alpine Scrambling

Mike Mashock

7:00 PM

Everett Community College

Member: $170.00 / Non Member: $205.00
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The Everett Alpine Scrambling course is a comprehensive 12 week course that teaches important aspects of mountain travel including navigation, compass skills, clothing and gear selection, off-trail travel, snow travel, conditioning, ice axe skills, and use of altimeter. Alpine Scrambling involves off-trail travel to reach non-technical rock and snow summits. It does not involve technical, roped climbing. You can use the skills acquired in this course to reach hundreds of peaks in the Cascades and Olympics. This course will also give you the skills to help you continue on to the technical climbing course if you want more challenge on exposed terrain. Completing First Aid classes taught by RMI are a required part of the course. These classes will be offered several time during the year and can usually be completed during the 12 week course. Early registration is recommended.
Class schedule for 2013:

Lecture 1 - Feb 21 Thurs - Orientation / Overview

Navigation - Mar 9, Sat (or) - Map & compass practice

Lecture 2 - Mar 14 Thurs - Off Trail Travel, Equipment

Wilderness First Aid RMI course - Many dates available

Navigation - April 6, Sat (or) - Map & compass practice

Lecture 3 - Apr 11, Thurs - Backcountry, Climbing Code & Safety

Rock Field trip - Apr 20, Sat - Rock Scrambling

Lecture 4 - Apr 25, Thurs - Snow Travel, Ice Ax Arrest

Snow Field trip - May 4 & 5 - Snow travel, Peak ascent, Stevens Pass

Lecture 5 - May 9, Thurs - Weather, Scramble trips

Experience Trip - May 18, Sat - Peak ascent at Snoq Pass

Lecture 6 - May 23, Thurs - Overnight scrambling, Emergencies

Scramble Reunion - Sept 14 & 15 optional.

Please address any questions to Mike Mashock at

10/23/12 @ 7:00 AM

02/20/13 @ 9:00 PM

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed