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Quartermaster Harbor Vashon Island

01/25/14 (Sat)

Tacoma Sea Kayaking

Martin Mayock

Let's go explore Quartermaster Harbor on this SK III+ trip. We'll ride a gentle flood in and check out the wreck sites, old towns, and the exotic resort of Cherokee. We'll have lunch in the harbor, and we'll practice rescues at the end of the paddle just for fun. Dry suits required. I'll set the launch site and time soon.

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Trip Data

MapTech Oak Bay to Commencement Bay No. 102
MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100
NOAA Puget Sound: Shilshole Bay to Commencement Bay No. 18474
NOAA Puget Sound: Southern Part No. 18448
SeaTrails Vashon Island, Tacoma Narrows to Elliot Bay WA203

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