Activity Information


Fox Island Circumnavigation

11/24/13 (Sun)

Kitsap Sea Kayaking

Vern Brown   (Qualified Youth Leader)

9:00 AM

Fox Island Bridge Launch

Member: $40.00 / Non Member: $125.00
Please bring check payable to The Mountaineers
The fee will be collected by: Leader
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Circumnavigate Fox Island. Distance is less than 12 nm. This paddle is a paddle pin paddle

We'll have lunch on the beach.

Drysuit required.

Disregard any mention of fees. This is not a clinic; there is no fee.

Registration for this activity is being handled by the leader. Please contact the leader directly to register for this activity.

Trip Data
Sea Kayak III
12 nm

MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100
SeaTrails Nisqually Delta, Anderson Island, Case and Carr Inlets WA204

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