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Alpine Scrambling Course - Olympia

01/21/14 (Tue) - 12/31/14 (Wed)

Olympia Alpine Scrambling

Tom Eckhout   (Qualified Youth Leader)

6:30 PM

Member: $150.00 / Non Member: $250.00 Member: $150.00 / Non Member: $250.00
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The Alpine Scrambling course teaches essential techniques of off-trail wilderness travel needed for scaling snow and rock summits. Alpine scrambling may at times involve unroped movement on and across low or moderately-exposed snow and rock terrain, but does not include roped climbing on high-angle, seriously-exposed technical rock faces, nor does it involve roped travel on crevassed glaciers.

Classroom and Field Trip Schedule
February 4, Tuesday - Intro Lecture
February 8, Saturday - Basic Skills Workshop
March 4, Tuesday - Snow Travel Lecture
March 8, Saturday - Snow I Field Trip (Alta Vista)
March 11, Tuesday – Avalanche Awareness Lecture
April 8, Tuesday - Navigation Lecture
April 12, Saturday – Navigation Field Trip
April 26, Saturday - Snow II Field Trip
May 6, Tuesday – Rock Lecture
May 10, Saturday Mcleary Field Tr... More

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9 participant spaces open

Leaders: 11 space(s) open

Registration closed on Tue, Feb 4 at 5:00 PM

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed