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Duffy Lake Area/ Wendy Thompson Hut

02/01/14 (Sat) - 02/05/14 (Wed)

Foothills Skiing/Snowboarding

Randy Oakley

6:00 AM


In the Duffy Lake are of BC an hour or so north of Whistler, conditions here are generally cooler and drier than at Whistler. Hut sleeps up to 16 and is heated by kerosene heaters. Surrounding Marriot basin provides wide range of skiing options. Ski into the hut is about four miles and 1900ft elevation gain. Current fees for hut usage are 12 per person per night (less for Alpine Club of Canada members)

This will be my third trip to the Wendy Thompson hut. Great skiing on north aspects in the Marriot basin and adjoining areas. We'll carpool from the Seattle area early in the morning and get to the trailhead around 1PM, The four miles into hut are well marked and getting there before dark should be easy. If there is sufficient interest, we could also leave Friday afternoon/evening and stay in a motel in Squamish, which would add to the cost but add an afternoon of turns. Once in the hut, ... More

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