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Asahel Curtis Trail

09/28/13 (Sat)

Foothills Trail Maintenance

Annik Wolfe

8:30 AM

Asahel Curtis Picnic Area (north side of I-90)

Open to all. Basic trail maintenance. We will be gravelling, brushing and installing bird boxes. Bring lunch and water. Wear long-sleeved shirt, long pants and hiking boots.

On National Public Lands Day we will be doing general trail maintenance, brushing, gravelling, and installing a retainer and back-filling it with rocks. Bring your lunch, water and work gloves. The event will be followed by a FREE PICNIC provided by Foothils Mountaineers. All participants will also receive a Forest Service day pass which, with another one, can be redeemed for a full year Northwest Forest Pass. For more information please contact Annik at or 206-368-2688. The eve... More

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