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Boston Harbor Vicinity-Wednesday Evenings

08/07/13 (Wed)

Olympia Sea Kayaking

Robert E. Burreson

5:30 PM

Boston Harbor Ramp

Wednesday evening paddles normally less than 6nm. Come out after work on Wednesdays and get a little on-the-water socializing, exercise, skills practice and “therapy”. These trips are open to all Kayak Course graduates and equivalents. They are not structured to be considered an “experience paddle” for course graduation. Bring your boat, required gear & essentials, and be ready to launch from the boat ramp at Boston Harbor at 6PM. Actual destination will be selected by group consensus under leader direction/discretion.

LAUNCH AT 6:00 PM For more information, contact Bob Burreson, 360-705-2055, Otherwise, just show up.

Registration for this activity is being handled by the leader. Please contact the leader directly to register for this activity.

Trip Data
Sea Kayak II+
< 6 nm

SeaTrails Olympia, the Inlets and Harstene Island WA205

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