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Entiat River Loop

09/06/13 (Fri) - 09/11/13 (Wed)

Foothills Backpacking

Maureen Corlas

Meeting time and place TBD

The Entiat River Region is one of the grandest destinations in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Set in a deep mountain basin surrounded by 9000 foot peaks such as Mt Maude and Seven Fingered Jack, Entiat Meadows is covered in wildflowers and easily one of the most fabulous meadows in the State. The series of lakes known as Ice Lakes are a stark contrast with twisted trees, glacier-scoured rocks, and towered by icy summits. These trails which are much less visited than those on the west side have miles of lovely forests, deep glacier canyons, ridges with awe-inspiring views. Wildlife is also plentiful and seen often in the area. This itinerary envisions a six-day backpack trip of approx. 1,500 feet average elevation gain, excluding side trips;10 mile or less hike distance per day.

This trip is part of the B3 Backpacking Building Blocks series and course enrollees are eligible for B3 course graduation credit, although registration is open to all adult club members.

All Mountaineer activities, including backpack trips, are restricted to members over the age of 18 unless the trip is explicitly listed as a youth activity and led by a Qualified Youth Leader. This backpack trip is for adults age 18+.

The Entiat River Region is one of the grandest destinations ... More

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Trip Data
7,900 (10,000 with side trips)
35 (48 with side trips)

Green Trails Holden No. 113
Green Trails Lucerne No. 114