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Exploring Central BC Rockies E.Slopes & Highlands

08/11/13 (Sun) - 08/17/13 (Sat)

Seattle Naturalists

Linda Moore

8:00 AM

Tumbler Ridge Visitor Center

We'll explore one of BC's premier nature destinations - where natural history, geology, world-class paleontology, wildlife viewing (caribou, bears, moose, goats, stone sheep and more), "east meets west" birding (see rarely viewed northern warblers, hawks, owls, and more), cascading waterfalls (possibly highest concentration in BC), lovely mountain and boreal forest/plateau scenery, caves and other limestone formations, and endless hiking all converge near Tumbler Ridge, BC.

Our exploring will range from Hart Range and eastern slopes of the Central Rocky Mountains to the highland foothills and boreal forest plateaus.

We'll have several days for day hikes in Monkman and Wapati Provincial Parks, dinosaur trackways and fossil sites along streamside and mountain trails, limestone formations (Stone Corral) embedded with marine and plant fossils, and more.

We'll do 1-2 hikes per day, including all or most of the following: Flatbed Creek Cabin Pools (dino tracks), Wolverine Dinosaur Footprint site, Bullmoose Marshes, Bergeron Falls & Cliffs, Mt Speiker, Holzworth Meadows, Boulder Gardens & Babcock Falls, Bootski Lake/Wapitik Mtn, Stone Corral, Kinuseo Falls, with other options depending on time/interest. Photo gallery: Trail info:

Countless wildlife inhabit Monkman and nearby backcountry - black & grizzly bears, mountain goats, lynx, caribou, moose, deer, mountain sheep, wolves, martens, wolverines, marmots, owls, ptarmigan, grouse, loons, and more!

We'll visit Monkman's Kinuseo Falls and several other waterfalls surrounding the Tumbler Ridge region.

Bring your camera for photo opps, sketchbook, bird and plant field guides. Plants of Northern British Columbia (Lone Pine Press) recommended plant guide for area.

Guidebooks/descriptions: Exploring Tumbler Ridge (Monkman, Wapati/Onion Lks, and all other TR trails), and BC Provincial Parks website (for Monkman, Wapati). Also see trails link in leader notes.

REGISTRATION CLOSES 7/28. Minimum 3 participants.

This activity is limited to Mountaineer Members, 18 & over.
When registering, provide comment or email to leader with carpool pref (drive/#riders or ride with carpool location.

We'll have time to visit paleo and natural history exhibits at Tumbler Ridge paleo museum. Leader will try to arrange visits with paleontologists, paleo lab or museum tour, with an option for guided evening dinosaur trackway hike.

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