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Third Beach To Hoh River

07/19/13 (Fri) - 07/21/13 (Sun)

Foothills Backpacking

Richard L. Lambe

7:00 AM


This is a spectacular section of Washington’s wilderness coast. 100 Classic Hikes in Washington says: “Wild forest and wild ocean, woods animals and sea birds, tide pools and a series of wave-carved stacks called the Graveyard of the Giants, the constant thunder of surf.” Although the route covers only 17 miles, the way is challenging – rope ladders to ascend headlands, rocky beaches, creeks to wade. The trip needs to be scheduled to take advantage of favorable tides. A car shuttle will allow a one-way hike. ONP permits can be picked up on the way to the trailhead in either Port Angeles or Forks.

Although open to all club members over age 18, this trip is also part of the B3 backpacking Building Blocks series and eligible for B3 course graduation credit. In addition, this backpack will have a practical instructional/learning focus and offer experience in proper gear use and camp set-up techniques.

On day 1, we will set up our car shuttle, and then hike about 3.5 miles to Scott Creek. On day 2, we will hike 7.5 miles to Mosquito Creek, crossing the Creek near low tide (5:08 PM) to ... More

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Trip Data
High point is 250 feet, but route has lots of ups

Green Trails La Push No. 163S

100 Classic Hikes in Washington