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Saddlebag Island

06/08/13 (Sat)

Olympia Sea Kayaking

Karen A. Hook   (Qualified Youth Leader)

10:00 AM

Seafarer's Memorial Park, Anacortes

Saturday June 8: Saddlebag Island (SKII 5 - 6 nm). Come up to the far North Sound for a weekend of paddling around the area of Anacortes. Saturday we will paddle from Anacortes Seafarer’s Memorial Park out to Saddlebag Island for lunch then back. Possibly exploring the shoreline of Hat Island along the way. Those who wish to paddle to Burrows Island on Sunday (listed as a separate trip) can camp at Washington Park. Come for one or both paddles. NOAA chart 18427 or 18423 page A or Se... More

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Trip Data
Sea Kayak II+
8 nm

NOAA Anacortes to Skagit Bay No. 18427

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