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Ancient Lake

06/08/13 (Sat) - 06/09/13 (Sun)

Foothills Backpacking

Monty Pratt

10:00 AM

Ancient Lake Trailhead

Discover Pass Required. A great, easy hike for wildflowers and interesting geology just to the east of the Columbia River (eastern Washington near Vantage). Bring your own water as the lake water includes irrigation runoff.

Although open to all club members over age 18, this trip is also part of the B3 backpacking Building Blocks series and eligible for B3 course credit. In addition, this backpack will have a practical instructional/learning focus and offer experience in proper gear use and camp set-up techniques.

Trip Co-leader is Linda Kuramoto.

We will hike to Dusty Lake and Ancient Lakes, and camp at Ancient Lakes.

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Washington DNR Moses Lake

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