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Mt Baker/Easton Glacier

06/28/13 (Fri) - 06/29/13 (Sat)

Seattle Climbing

Matthew Mussallem

10:00 AM


**REMINDER** This climb is subject to the PRIORITY CLIMBS LIST. Please verify that your branch has priority for this climb.

From high camp get onto the Easton Glacier and ascend almost due N aiming at or a little W of Sherman Peak. Near the base of Sherman Peak, go W to the eastern base of the Roman Wall to saddle between the Black Buttes and Mt. Baker. Go up snow slopes or ascend to rocky ridge, keeping right of Roman Wall. Ascend steep snow past the Roman Wall to large summit plateau. The summit (10,778') is at the far ENE side. Note: From the saddle between the Black Buttes and Mt. Baker, the climbing route is the same as that for the Coleman Glacier route. The route described stays E (right) of the major crevasses. (In low snow conditions, a route can be found that borders the Demming Glacier.) The upper snow slope is steep enough to pose problems, if icy. In early to mid season, a direct line up the Eason Glacier may be possible, crossing the bergschrund on snow bridges. Get permit at the Baker Lake ranger station in Sedro Wooley.

Priority given to Glacier Travel students - there are 10 Basic Students currently waiting for free spots after the Glacier Travel students, so I've closed registration temporarily until I find out which Glacier Travel students will be on the climb.

This is no longer open for registration

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Basic Glacier Climb

Green Trails Hamilton No. 45
Green Trails Mt Baker No. 13
USGS Baker Pass
USGS Mt Baker

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