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Hood Canal-Potlatch State Park

07/27/13 (Sat)

Kitsap Sea Kayaking

Vern Brown   (Qualified Youth Leader)

8:30 AM

Potlatch State Park

We’ll meet at 08:30 AM at Potlatch State Park (south end) at the Great Bend of the Hood Canal. We will explore Annas Bay, the Skokomish Flats, and a bit of the Skokomish River.

We'll have lunch on the river and, If paddlers want to, we’ll have a picnic dinner at the park after the paddle.

Students from the basic classes welcomed.

Immersion wear required. Wetsuits will be fine.

Discover Pass required.

Registration for this activity is being handled by the leader. Please contact the leader directly to register for this activity.

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Sea Kayak II+

SeaTrails South Hood Canal and Dabob Bay WA201

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