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Ancient Lakes- Quincy Basin Scablands

04/06/14 (Sun)

Olympia Naturalists

Dee Ann Kline

Explore the unique geology of the Eastern Washington Channeled Scablands. Ancient Lakes trail is actually three lakes close together. The trail passes by flood bars, giant current ripples and steep basalt cliffs. The geological wonders are a product of the erosion of lava flows by ancient glacial floodwaters Birds and wildlife abound in the Ancient Lakes basin and a waterfall cascades into the lake.

Leaders Notes: Ancient Lakes is part of the Quincy Wildlife Recreation Area. This is a leisurely hike. We will stop often to view and enjoy the geology and have time to take pictures. The leader is not a geologist but will rely on the book Washington's Channeled Scablands Guide (published by the Mountaineers).

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USGS Babcock Ridge
Washington DNR Moses Lake

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