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Self Rescue I - Fundamental Techniques - Everett

10/05/13 (Sat) - 10/06/13 (Sun)

Everett Climbing

Damien Scott

8:00 AM

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Course Description: The Everett Branch Self Rescue Course (SRC) is comprised of three components, SRC I, SRC II and SRC III. Together they will develop fundamental skills applicable to self rescue while climbing on rock, glacier and ice. The emphasis will be on a party of two’s self sufficiency in the mountains. This course is primarily focused on skills development and is scenario based. Leadership aspects of handling an emergency, anchor building and first aid are beyond the scope of this course. SRC 1 – Fundamental Techniques will cover ascending methods, passing knots, transferring loads, assisted lower, assisted rappel, counter weight rappel, rappel station transition, and hauling systems. This component is required for graduation from the Everett Branch Intermediate Climbing Course.

Expectations: This is an advanced level climbing course. It is not intended for novice climbers. A minimum requirement is the ability to lead on rock and build multi-point gear anchors. It will require the ability to improvise as necessary with limited gear. It is assumed that participants will be fluent with the baseline skills of use of the autobloc rappel backup, escaping from a loaded belay and the transition of load to the anchor via the Munter Mule Knot. These skills are introduced in the Everett Branch Basic Climbing Course, taught in the Crag and Intermediate Climbing Course, or can be easily picked up through reading Chapter 4 of David Fasulo’s book Self-Rescue.

this is the sign up for instructors. The class will be held in Leavenworth. The second weekend will be October 5th and 6th at the Seattle Clubhouse. Self Rescue II will be the weekend of October 19th and 20th in Vantage

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Self-Rescue (Falcon)
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