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Boundary BayBC

02/13/13 (Wed)

Field Trip
Bellingham Hiking

JoAnne Weldon

9:00 AM

Walgreens bellingham

A passport or Enhanced Driver's License req'd. Meet in Bellingham to carpool and drive to the Boundary Bay,BC area to look for Snowy Owls,Short-eared Owls,raptors and other birds. Dress in layers,expect wind,rain and cold temps. Bring binoculars and the leader will have a scope and guide books. Bring luch/snacks and fluids,money for lattes and possible dinner stop on the way home. Call 360.734.5922 or email to sign up or ask questions. Leader- JoAnne Weldon

mid-week trip to avoid border traffic. passport/EDL reqd. Call 360.734.5922 or email weldondonjo@aol Please check to see if your waiver is up to date.Thanks.

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