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Winter Camping Course - Tacoma

03/14/13 (Thu) - 03/24/13 (Sun)

Tacoma Snowshoeing

Don Campbell, Jr

6:00 PM


** Graduation requirements: 1 classroom session, 1 overnight class campout and one conservation activity.** Tacoma offers the chance to extend your snowshoeing, sking and snowboarding activities to multi day adventures with this class on winter camping. We will cover pitching a tent on snow, and building snow structures such as, snow caves and trenches. We will also cover equipment, clothing, food, winter first aid concerns and tips and tricks on how to make a winter overnight an enjoyable experience. Snowshoe trekkers, snowmobile enthusiasts, snowboarders, skiers and climbers are all welcome. Youth 14-17 are allowed in this course if accompanied by a parent or guardian who is concurrently registered for the course.

There are no prerequsites for this course although travel to and from the cars to the campsite over snow is necessary and snowshoes are necessary. This is a stand alone course to be used to extend the range of winter outdoor activities such as backpacking, cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, climbing, scrambling, and wildlife observation. It allows participants to get the information to make harsh conditions fun and emergency situations survivable in snowy co... More

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