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Snowshoe/Winter Travel Course - Kitsap

01/06/13 (Sun)

Kitsap Snowshoeing

Douglas V. Terry

8:30 AM

Silverdale Fire Station 51 Classroom

A text will be provided, but Freedom of the Hills is recommended. Graduation requires completion of a STRENUOUS snowshoe, which is as difficult as VERY STRENUOUS hikes. Kitsap Winter Travel. The Winter Travel Graduate should be able to: 0. Perform all of the items the Snowshoe Lite Graduate will be able to do. 1. Select equipment appropriate to snowshoe mountaineering conditions you anticipate. 2. Demonstrate the ability to properly traverse steep slopes that have snow covering by using an ice axe. 3. Demonstrate the ability to self arrest using an ice axe in all positions with a backpack. 4. Demonstrate the ability to ascend or descend steep slopes by means of self belay, step-kicking, or employment of snowshoe cleats. Know that crampons are another winter traveler tool for snow travel. 5. Demonstrate the ability to work singly or in a team of winter travelers to optimize the speed, flexibility, and energy of the team. 6. Demonstrate the ability to glissade and control your glissade with an ice axe. 7. Set up a campsite for a “routine” overnight outing that would be indicative of the ability to repeat this for a longer duration winter mountaineering activity. 8. Demonstrate the ability to use a digital avalanche transceiver to locate a person buried in the snow and demonstrate the ability to localize the person via avalanche probe, and dig them out. 9. Optionally, demonstrate the ability to dig a snow cave to support an overnight outing.

All details contained at: For members, the individual fee is $27 and the couple or family rate is $50 in check payable to the Mountaineers.

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Registration closed on Sat, Jan 5 at 5:00 PM

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed
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