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Cattle Pass/Washington Park to Friday Harbor

06/08/13 (Sat)

Seattle Sea Kayaking

Mark Baron

7:00 AM

This is a strenuous trip with long crossings, shipping traffic, few landings and potential for tide rips, tide races. It is also quite rewarding and is a classic testpiece for sea kayaking trip planning and skills. This trip takes careful planning, conservative eyes watching the weather and a critical eye when evaluating potential participants.

If you are interested in participating in this trip please consider, carefully, your skillset. this trip is 24nm and has, two technical cruxes, the first, almost immediately. This is one of my favorite trips in the SJIs and one that has left many with eyes the size of dinnerplates. Long crossings, big tide races and whirlpools are the reality on this trip. While I don't point this out to drive people away, it is a trip that has been written about frequently as incidents are not uncommon. ... More

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