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Friction Climbing for Basics - Leavenworth

05/18/13 (Sat)

Seattle Climbing

Cebe Wallace   (Qualified Youth Leader)

Kristall's Restaurant, Leavenworth

Member: $35.00
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Friction climbing for Basic Students. Icicle Canyon, Leavenworth. Limit 8. Intended primarily for students in this year’s Basic Climbing Course, but open to basic graduates and equivalents and anyone (even non-members) with some rock experience. Friction is the technique used to climb slabs where there are no obvious hand or foot holds. Strength means nothing, hardware is superfluous; it’s all about balance and movement. You will learn to dance on rock. All climbing will be safely top-roped. Bring standard rock gear including harness, helmet, mountain boots, slings and carabiners.

For Basic Alpine students only.

This is no longer open for registration

8 spaces open

Registration closed on Fri, May 17 at 5:00 PM

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