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Learn To Belay

12/17/12 (Mon)

Seattle Climbing

Adam Hollinger

6:30 PM

Seattle Program Center

Member: $25.00 / Non Member: $35.00
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Program Design: This class is designed for beginners, people wanting a review of belay skills, and parents who want to belay their children. This class teaches belay technique with an ATC Belay Device, and belayers whose only experience is with a Gri-Gri are advised to take this course. It will be taught on-site at the Magnuson Park Program Center, on the indoor or outdoor wall (weather depending). All participants will come in for one, 2.5 hour teaching session (although it may be shorter depending on the number of participants). Goals: * To teach casual climbers, beginners, and parents the basics of belaying a climber in top-rope setting, using an ATC * To ensure that all belayers at Mountaineer events are properly trained, safe, and competent * To open access for beginners and community members to The Mountaineers programs. Who can sign up: This class is open to anyone 14 and over. The Mountaineers will provide all necessary gear. However, please bring whatever gear you own so that you can learn on your own gear.

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed
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