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Intermediate Alpine Ice 2 Field Trip (Mt. Baker)

08/03/13 (Sat) - 08/04/13 (Sun)

Field Trip
Everett Climbing

Ivan Breen

9:00 AM

Heliotrope Ridge TH

This field trip will focus on climbing ice pitches with protection.

Yes! It's here again. Time for climbing the Coleman Glacier seracs with the Everett Branch Alpine Ice course. Pack for overnite, bring all your ice climbing gear, and let's practice ice screw placement, anchor building, leading on steep ice, and safety in the alpine environment.

Prerequisites: Graduation from the Basic Climbing Course and completion of the Everett Intermediate Leading on Rock and Intermediate Glacier modules.

Leader permission required: Please contact ... More

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USGS Mt Baker

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed
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