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Naturalist Study Group Lecture Series

11/08/12 (Thu)

Seattle Naturalists

Victoria A. King

7:00 PM

Program Center

Connie Sidles "Fill of Joy" book reading/signing. Master Birder and author Connie Sidles will spend some time discussing the significance of "microhabitats" for our avian friends and read selections from her most recent book, the setting of which is the nearby Montlake Fill. There will be a limited signup for members for an outing with Ms. Sidles taking place on March 16 at the "Fill". There will be ample time for questions and mingling afterwards. This is not a slide show or identification presentation - this is a presentation of a sensitive observer offering her often personal reflections on her passionate interest. Sponsored by the Naturalist Study Group.

Speaker: Cliff Mass

Lecture: "Global Warming Over the Pacific Northwest: Separating Fact from Hype"

Cliff Mass is a UW Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, author of "Weather of the Pacific Northwest", and well-known blogger about all things weather for our region. Dr Mass will give a presentation you won't want to miss: "Global Warming over the Pacific Northwest: Separating Fact from Hype".

Attendance is free for Study Group members. The Public is welcome! Th... More

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