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Snow Lake

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03/02/13 - 03/03/13

Foothills Snowshoeing

Brian Lewis

8:00 AM

Eastgate P&R

This is an overnight snowshoe trip (i.e., a winter backpacking trip) to Snow Lake. Big caveat: if there’s any significant avalanche danger we will instead do a Keechelus Ridge Traverse as an overnight snowshoe trip.

If Snow Lake, then we’ll carpool to the Alpental parking area and hike up along the South Fork Snoqualmie River to Source lake. From there we’ll turn north and zig-zag (traverse) up some relatively steep terrain to the ridge above Snow lake. Then we’ll wander about until we find a satisfactory campsite, drop off some gear and optionally spend some of our remaining time and energy just exploring around and enjoying the lake area.

Alternate route details: The Keechelus traverse is approximately a 15 mile one-way route involving a car shuttle, and all car-pool vehicles will need snow park permits. We’ll start out doing the standard Keechelus Ridge route from the Price Creek snowpark. From the radio tower hill we’ll traverse initially east, following forest service roads for the most part, then generally north to Thetis Creek. Some additional traversing and forest service road walking will get us to the vicinity of Kachess Campground; we’ll walk along the Kachess lakeshore there just for fun and thence along the snow-covered county road to the Kachess snowpark. We’ll decide en route where we want to camp; perhaps in the vicinity of Thetis Creek. It’s possible that we’ll hear or even encounter snowmobiles along this route, but experience suggests that such encounters will be rare (no guarantees).

You must contact trip leader via phone or email to go on this trip --- leader permission is definitely required, as this is a backpacking (overnight) trip in lots of snow.

In addition to normal snowshoeing gear, you will need a sleeping bag rated to handle anticipated conditions, sleeping pad with sufficient r-value (thermal insulation), adequate clothing, a tent or tarp. We will not be digging snow shelters, unless you have lots of spare time, energy, and inclination --- bring whatever shelter you require. I do suggest, however, that at least some bring snow shovels. If you have traction devices (Kahtoola Microspikes or similar) you might find them useful. Ice axes are not required.

02/01/13 @ 1:00 AM

02/28/13 @ 5:00 PM
Leader Permission Required

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