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Decisionmaking in Emergency Situations Seminar

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Tacoma Climbing

Mindy Roberts

Even with the best planning, training, and hazard assessment, emergency situations do occur during our outdoor adventures. From a simple twisted ankle to a major medical incident, a solid foundation of situation assessment, group engagement and sound decision making can provide the best possible outcome for the emergency situations you encounter.

This award winning seminar applies effective decision making methods to real climb and scramble incidents to improve your response when these emergencies occur. Based on findings and subsequent research following the Sharkfin Tower climbing incident, along with other real incident scenarios, the course discusses group dynamics and participation and engagement techniques proven effective in addressing emergency situations.

The seminar is composed of two evening sessions consisting of course instruction and group discussion of actual emergency situations to engage participants in application of the methods presented. Guest speakers provide insight from the emergency responder’s point of view.

Whether you are a long time Mountaineers member, an experienced trip leader or a brand new member of our outdoor community, this course will add to your knowledge, confidence and ability to address emergency situations if and when they occur.

Two-night seminar on February 12 and March 5 aimed at trip and field trip leaders and rope leaders. Open to Tacoma branch members through January 12 then open to all branches with priority to climbing leaders. Focus will be on climbing.

12/07/12 @ 1:00 AM

02/05/13 @ 5:00 PM
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