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Basic Climbing Course - Olympia

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01/22/13 - 10/25/13

Olympia Climbing

Robert Keranen   (Qualified Youth Leader)

Member: $250.00 / Non Member: $350.00
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The Olympia Basic Climbing Course is a one to two year course, students are STRONGLY encouraged to complete the lectures and field trips the first year. Graduates will learn the skills to safely climb rock, snow, and glaciated peaks in Pacific Northwest. To graduate participants must ATTEND all lectures and field trips, successfully COMPLETE a conditioner, 3 experience climbs, our Mountaineering Orientated First Aid class, and a Stewardship project. The text is Freedom of the Hills Ed#8 and is included in the course fee. Wilderness Skills is a PREREQUISITE for this course and you are automaticaly enrolled in Wilderness Skills at no extra charge when you enroll in the climbing course(do not register on-line for Wilderness Skills, as you will be charged a separate fee). For more information see the Olympia Basic Climbing Course page.
Register on-line or in-person at Olympia's ANNUAL ORIENTATION & CLASS SIGNUP Night on January 14 at St Martin's Worthington Center. New members registering for the class that night receive a waiver of new member Initiation Fees. The class can be a major life changing event-introducing you to many high adventure pursuits in the mountains of the Pacific North-West, but is also a not insubstantial commitment of time/effort and energy. Attendence at ALL lectures and Field Trips is MANDATORY-so plan your schedule accordingly. Students new to the outdoors, or worried about initial physical conditioning are urged to consider a first year course of our Alpine Scrambling class. The success rate for students completing that course increases your chances of graduating Basic Climbing dramatically. Much of your equipment and clothing for the course will be talked about in Wilderness Skills-many students find they have much of the gear needed already-and rentals are available for some of the equipment. But all new equipment and clothing CAN run up to $1000-with boots and proper rain gear the most crucial element. More information, as well as the full schedule, is available on the Olympia Mountaineers website.

11/17/12 @ 1:00 AM

02/12/13 @ 5:00 PM

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed