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Dyes Inlet

01/19/14 (Sun)

Kitsap Sea Kayaking

Vern Brown   (Qualified Youth Leader)

10:30 AM

Chico Boat Ramp

This paddle is primarily for folks who took the January Kitsap roll clinic. We will go on a short paddle (no more than 4 miles) and have several opportunities to practice rolling in salt water.

Drysuit and neoprene hood required. Bring nose plugs and mask if you like -but I will encourage you to try rolling without them before the end of the day.

Bring a snack and a thermos of something warm to drink.

Registration for this activity is being handled by the leader. Please contact the leader directly to register for this activity.

Trip Data
Sea Kayak II

MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100
NOAA Puget Sound: Seattle to Bremerton No. 18449
SeaTrails Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton and Liberty Bay WA202

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