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Basic Climbing SIG (2014) / Jim P

03/15/14 (Sat)

Seattle Climbing

Jim Pitts   (Qualified Youth Leader)


Issaquah P&R NE Corner of Garage

Guidelines & Limitations

• This SIG Destination is only to be used for optional SIG skill practices, conditioning trips, and social activities.

• It is NOT valid for climbs. Use the existing Climb destinations.

• It is NOT valid for trips unrelated to the Basic Climbing course.

• It is NOT valid for any “for-course-credit” activities, such as the required field trips. Please use an appropriate Field Trip destination.

• This SIG Destination is NOT valid for use in areas where permitting restrictions are in force (Leavenworth, etc.).

• Leaders are entrusted to choose appropriate and safe destinations.

The actual location/destination needs to be noted as the first thing in the Leader Notes.

Day of climbing at Vantage for the Pitts SIG. This is NOT the Rock Field Trip. Members of the Pitts SIG automatically have leader permission. Leader permission required for all others. We'll meet at the Issaquah Transit Center (NE corner of garage) and arrange carpools. We'll drive to the climbing area at Vantage and find a place to climb that doesn't conflict with the other SIG rock field trips taking place this busy weekend.

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