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Avalanche Decision Making and Beacon Practise

01/19/14 (Sun)

Seattle Alpine Scrambling

Jerome Velosky   (Qualified Youth Leader)


Snoqualmie Pass

This is a practice session for people who have already taken the level 1 avalanche course. Participants will review current weather and avalanche forecasts, and develop a tour plan prior to the trip. Upon meeting for the trip, participants discuss the forecast and current conditions, and then review their planned trip. The team performs a beacon-check, and possibly a range-check. While traveling, participants make pertinent terrain and snowpack, and weather observations. Participants dig snow pits, make observations of the snow profile, and perform various shear and compression test. One, or more rescue scenarios are practice including single, and multiple burials.

rescheduled from 12/28/2013 to Sunday, 01/19/2014
This practice session is for anyone - climber, skier, scrambler - who has previously completed training.

Required Gear:
- Avalanche beacon, probe and shovel.
- Snowshoes, AT skis, or splitboard

This is no longer open for registration

9 participant spaces open

Leaders: 3 space(s) open

Registration closed on Wed, Jan 15 at 8:00 PM

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