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Climbing Program Info Night

12/04/13 (Wed)

Kitsap Climbing

Michael Raymond   (Qualified Youth Leader)

7:00 PM

Kitsap Cabin

Information provided about what Kitsap Mountaineering programs are. Alpine Scrambling - Non-technical mountaineering. $150. Basic Climbing - Learning the skills to climb technical rock, snow, and glaciers. $300 Intermediate Climbing - Development of more advanced climbing skills and preparing to lead climb. $300 for up to 5 years. How much they cost and what to expect. Bring your gear to see if it will work. You can sign up and become a member at this meeting. Sign ups for the programs will end Jan 1, 2014.

Registration is not required for this activity. Please see Description or Leader Notes for more information.

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed