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Loowit Trail Mt. St. Helens

08/09/13 (Fri) - 08/10/13 (Sat)

Tacoma Backpacking

John Konopasek

5:30 PM

Roy Y Park n Ride

Many people climb Mount Saint Helens, but how many circumnavigate it ? This is a scenic and challenging clockwise backpack around Mt. St. Helens volcano at elevations ranging from 3,200 to 4,800 feet with views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and the Goat Rocks. It also allows views into the crater on the north side. We will hike through old growth forests, cross remnants of lava flows, lahars (mudflows), and pyroclastic flows, as well as ford stream gullys and the South Fork of the Toutle River. We will see wildflower meadows, the effects of the 1980 eruption, and the recovery of native plants and wildlife. Camp at South Fork Toutle River camp and on the Plains of Abraham. Route conditions include rough and steep terrain, exposed slopes, loose rock and soil (scree), stream crossings, and potential volcanic hazards. Northwest Forest Pass required.

One day Mt St Helen's loop ~29.5 miles with ~7600 elevation gain taking 10-16 hours. Windy ridge to Loowit trail #216 circumventing Mt St Helen'sback to Windy ridge. This will be a fast hike /trot. More details upon request.

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Trip Data
32 miles - three days on trail

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