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Mt Constance/S Chute

06/07/13 (Fri) - 06/09/13 (Sun)

Seattle Climbing

Dave Morgan

9:00 AM


Follow aptly named Avalanche Canyon north for 0.6 mile from the lake. Climb E up the broad S Chute, gaining 1,200 feet, to the notch of the low point in the S Ridge. Cross to the E side and traverse N for 200 yards. Ascend a broad scree gully system to obvious notch in a minor E-W ridge. Pass thru notch and descend a short distance to a scree or snow ledge. Contour N 0.25 mile, across heather or snow slopes, gullies, and finally a steep cirque. Then, climb an ascending ledge, past a rock outcropping to open slopes just SE of the summit. The 60 foot high summit block is climbed on the N side. Time: 7 hours up from lake, 4 hours down. Check with rangers for camping quotas and restrictions. Beware of serious early season avalanche exposure in Avalanche Canyon and on the S Chute. A strenuous, interesting, and beautiful alpine climb. A long summit day: Some may want a third day.

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Basic Alpine Climb

USGS Tyler Peak

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