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Kaleetan Lake

08/16/13 (Fri) - 08/18/13 (Sun)

Seattle Under the Hill Rovers

Nathan Wiggin

6:30 AM

Greenlake Park & Ride

Kaleetan is a good sized alpine lake siting in a basin underneath Kaleetan Peak. The lake is within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Despite its remote location the TH is within easy driving distance from Seattle. The Pratt Lake Trail Head is the starting point to Kaleetan Lake. This TH is located off I-90 at exit 47, Deny Creek/Asahel Curtis. Most hikers do not travel beyond Olallie or Pratt lake, so Kaleetan should not be crowded. The further one travels on this route the more solitude one achieves. Primarily, the trail winds through forest passing by Pratt Lake, Lower Tuscohatchie Lake, and Windy Lake.

Hey everyone. We are the UTHRS (Under the Hill Rovers); a group of 20 and 30 somethings who love the outdoors, love to hike, and love to meet new people. Backpacker Magazine calls this the Best Damn Weekend Ever. Day 1: hike up and over to Pratt Lake where we will set up camp. Day 2: Pack up and head to the trail junction near Lower Tuscohatchie Lake. We will drop backpacks there, grab out day/summit packs and head up to Kaleetan Lake for some lunch, then we will head back down to the ju... More

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Green Trails Snoqualmie Pass Gateway No. 207S