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Tonquin Valley / Astoria River Jasper NP (AB)

08/03/13 (Sat) - 08/09/13 (Fri)

Seattle Backpacking

Linda Moore

8:30 AM

Astoria R trailhead

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Photo-oriented backpack exploration into one of the most exceptional scenic backcountry and wildlife-rich areas in the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy stunning scenery along Astoria River, Tonquin Valley lakes and Rampart peaks, Moat lake, Eremite Valley and more on hikes from camps into spectacular mountain valley and passes. Day hike options from camp include Amethyst Lakes, Clitheroe Peak, Moat Lake, Tonquin Hill, Majestic Peak, Eremite Valley to Arrowhead Lake, and more. Photo opportunities abound from sunrise to sunset for beautiful reflections, glaciated peaks including the towering Ramparts (series of 10 peaks rising 3000' from Tonquin Valley), cascading streams, lakes, abundant wildflowers, and wildlife (caribou, moose, bear, pika, etc). Book Reference: The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide (Patton & Robinson) and Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies (Copeland), Jasper-Robson: A Taste of Heaven (Beers). Map: Jasper / Maligne Lk (Gem Trek) or Amethyst Lakes 83D/9

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Canadian Rockies Trail Guide (Patton & Robinson)
Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies (Copeland)