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Wonderland Trail -- Western Half

08/14/13 (Wed) - 08/20/13 (Tue)

Foothills Backpacking

Brian Lewis

Time & Place TBD

The Wonderland Trail is arguably the premiere backpacking trip in Washington state, with a banquet of beautiful views, animal sightings, but also challenging trail.
This particular trip will cover a bit more than half of the Wonderland trail, the ~western half, going clockwise from Longmire to Sunrise.
Guidebook reference: Hiking the Wonderland Trail, Mountaineer books, by Tami Asars Maps: Print your own maps, using these instructions In addition, here’s a (non-topo) map that shows the trail and camp locations . And here’s an elevation profile . Descriptions of the overall trail can be found here , here and here .

Although open to all club members over age 18, this trip is also part of the B3 Backpacking Building Blocks series and eligible for B3 course graduation credit.

Getting Wonderland Trail permits for a large group in August is something that you can hope for, but not count on, and particularly so given that 2013 saw about a 50% increase in applications to this already very popular destination. August is a fantastic time to hike the Wonderland trail, and we’ll do a bit more than half of it this... More

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Very Strenuous

Green Trails Mount Rainier Wonderland No. 269S

Hiking the Wonderland Trail