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Skookum Flats

06/09/13 (Sun)

Seattle Hiking

Heidrun Eberhardt

7:30 AM

South Renton P&R (205 S 7th St)

Forest hike on a trail shared with mountain bikes. Good dirt tread with some boardwalks and bridges over marshy areas. The trail is uphill from and follows the White River. From the Trailhead on Road 73 it is 2 miles to Skookum Falls, the source of Skookum Creek which flows down to the White River. There is a steep (sometimes muddy) side trail up for a closer view of the Falls. From the Falls it is 2 miles to Buck Creek and the site of the old suspension bridge that was taken out by falling trees in the fall storms of 2006. Buck Creek Road is another mile, making it 5 miles total one way. Elevation gain is about 500 feet, in several spates of ups and downs. There is a water crossing (usually wide and shallow) at Skookum Creek. See hike listing on card #28 in the Winter Hikes of Western Washington Deck.

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Green Trails Greenwater No. 238
USGS Greenwater

Best Hikes With Children in Western Washington & the Cascades, Vol. 1