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Umtanum Creek Canyon

04/27/13 (Sat) - 04/28/13 (Sun)

Seattle Backpacking

Heidi Walker   (Qualified Youth Leader)

8:00 AM

Tibbets Park & Ride

An easy hike in a beautiful canyon, this is an ideal early-season backpack trip well-suited for beginners. The trail wanders alongside Umtanum Creek up a narrowing canyon, passing old homesteads along the way. The riparian enviornment is home to a multitude of animals and birds, including bighorn sheep, deer, marmots, flickers, quail and grouse. Beavers build dams on the creek throughout the valley. There are many campsites spread all along the trail and opportunities to climb up to Umtanum Ridge. Best seen in the spring when wildflowers fill the canyon, or in the fall when the trees don autumn colors.

This is a relaxed backpack in the Yakima River Canyon and camping along the creek. We might see bighorn sheep and wildflowers as well as remnants of gradens from early homesteaders.

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Trip Data
up to 700
6 to 10

Washington DNR Yakima

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