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Eld Inlet

05/25/13 (Sat)

Olympia Sea Kayaking

Tim Burke

9:00 AM

7513 Cooper Point Road NW, Olympia, WA

Sat., May 25, Eld Inlet, SK II, 9 nm, Sea Trails 205 or NOAA Chart 18448. Pace: Slow to moderate. Come for an Eld Inlet trip. We'll paddle at a leisurely pace, exploring coves and shellfish tidelands. We'll paddle from near the end of Cooper Point over to inlet's western side, then south down to Frye Cove County Park. From the park, we"ll cross the inlet to the Evergreen State College beach, where we'll have a lunch break. From there, we"ll paddle along the eastern side of the inlet, with a ... More

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Sea Kayak II


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