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Russell Glacier

07/13/13 (Sat) - 07/14/13 (Sun)

Olympia Skiing/Snowboarding

Jeffrey Williams

7:00 AM

MRNP Mowich Lake

MRNP Mowich Lake

The reason I have two days listed for the trip is because I will pick the best weather day a few days before the trip. This is a one day event. We will meet at Mowich Lake parking lot the morning of the trip. The plan is to hike over Knapsack Pass, then up the Flett and Russell Glaciers to a high point of 9,500’+/- overlooking the Mowich Glacier. We will return to the parking lot via the Wonderland trail. If road is not open or weather is bad both days I will reschedule. This will be a st... More

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M2G Mountain 2 Glacier Ski
Brisk / Fast

Green Trails Mt Rainier West No. 269

100 Classic Ski & Snowboard Routes in Washington
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