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Hope Place Youth Shelter - Climbing

02/18/13 (Mon)

Seattle Youth Outreach

Caitlin O'Brien   (Qualified Youth Leader)

4:00 PM

Indoor Climbing Wall

Hope Place is a shelter for women in recovery and their children. All of the women in residence are in recovery treatment for drug abuse, domestic violence, or sexual abuse. The Mountaineers provides an opportunity for the children at Hope Place (ages 4-18) to experience the outdoors, feel good about new accomplishments and have positive adult mentorship - all things that are lacking in their current lives. Several times a year, Hope Place youth come to The Mountaineers to climb on our artifical walls, and we need volunteer belayers to help! Guaranteed to be a fun and rewarding way to spend a few hours! Sign up as a leader to volunteer.

Hope Place will bring a group of moms and youth to learn how to climb and learn other outdoor skills. We will meet at 4pm at the indoor climbing wall. Please sign up to volunteer. Thank you!

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