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Basic Navigation Workshop - Students (Clubhouse)

10/30/12 (Tue)

Seattle Navigation

Gregory Testa   (Qualified Youth Leader)

7:00 PM

Seattle Mountaineers Program Center

Before you can sign up for this Workshop, you need to first sign up and pay for the Basic Navigation Course.

You'll need a "Mountaineers approved" compass which you need to purchase before attending the Workshop. Unfortunately you can't share a map or compass with a friend of family member during the course. Some local stores might run out of the model you want so it's recommended you buy a compass well in advance. Only specific compasses will be accepted, so before purchasing a compass make sure to read our compass requirements. Please note that the blue "Brunton O.S.S." compasses are not acceptable.

Reading Assignment (before attending the Workshop):
Prior to attending the Workshop you need to read chapters 1-5 of the Burns & Burns book "Wilderness Navigation". Mountaineers members get an additional 20% discount when ordering it online from Mountaineers Books as well as purchasing it in person at the Mountaineers Bookstore located in the Seattle Mountaineers Program Center. Please support the Mountaineers by purchasing it directly from the Mountaineers.

If you still want more to read after reading "Wilderness Navigation", see chapter 5 on Navigation in "Freedom of the Hills."

Workshop Details:
Please arrive by 6:45pm to check in and prepare your maps with UTM lines. At 7pm the evening's briefing will begin and after that you'll begin working through a problem set with instructor support.
1) Read the book before attending the workshop. See the section above for more info.
2) Bring a "Mountaineers approved" compass. See the section above for more info. Unfortunately you can't share a compass with someone during the Workshop.
3) You need two maps ("USGS 7.5' Index" and "USGS 7.5' Baring") which can be purchased at the Workshop no later than 7pm (they'll cost about $6.50 each after the 20% discount). If you need to buy maps at the Workshop then allow an extra 5+ minutes, so you might want to arrive by 6:35pm or 6:40pm. Please don't borrow maps from a past student since their maps will already have bearings plotted on them. Unfortunately you can't share maps with someone during the Workshop.
4) Bring a sharp pencil (mechanical pencils work great).
5) Bring paper for taking notes.

A detailed description of the complete course, the USGS maps and type of compass required (with adjustable declination!) and the homework to be completed before the workshop are found in the GoGuide and at The two required 7.5’ maps (USGS Index and USGS Baring) may be purchased the evening of the workshop at the Clubhouse. Show up early (before 7 pm!) to prepare your maps and learn how to ... More

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USGS Baring
USGS Index

Wilderness Navigation
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed
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