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Garibaldi/Neve Traverse

04/24/13 (Wed) - 04/28/13 (Sun)

Foothills Skiing/Snowboarding

Randy Oakley

7:00 AM


The Garibaldi Neve traverse crosses some spectacular alpine scenery. . The terrain is relatively easy for skiing but the route finding challenges and remoteness make this an advanced trip. I plan on making the traverse north to south. Starting at Rubble creek, climbing 2800ft in 4.5 miles to the shore of Garibaldi Lake and having dinner in picnic shelters before skiing 2.5 miles across the lake by the light of the full moon to spend the night at the Burton Hut. The next day will be spend ski... More

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Trip Data
M3 Mountain 3 Ski

Canada NTS Mamquam Mountain-92G15

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