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Public Lands Policy Comment Letters
 2013 Public Lands Policy Comment Letters

Filename Description Submitted By Post Date Size
021213 Coalition of climbing org support for Wild Olympics.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 021313 Coalition of Climbing Organization Support for Wild Olympics Sarah E. Krueger 02/13/2013 187k
030113 Coalition of WA recreation orgs Support for Sally Jewell.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 030513 Recreation Coalition Support for Sally Jewell as Secretary of Interior Sarah E. Krueger 03/05/2013 348k
031813 Index-Galena Embankment Repair Coalition Support final.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 031813 Index-Galena Embankment Repair Sarah E. Krueger 04/11/2013 149k
040213 Support for Forterra grant in Carbon River Corridor.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 040213 Support for Carbon River Corridor acquisition Sarah E. Krueger 04/11/2013 291k
040413 Big Tent Coalition State Budget Letter.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 040413 Big Tent Coalition state budget letter Sarah E. Krueger 04/11/2013 225k
4_22_2013 GROUP LETTER S 368 support for FLTFA reauthorization.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 042213 Group letter supporting Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act Reauthorization Sarah E. Krueger 05/30/2013 24k
051413 Scoping for Olympic National Park Wilderness Stewardship Plan.pdf (Portable Document Format file) 051413 Scoping Comments for Olympic NP Wilderness Stewardship Plan Sarah E. Krueger 05/30/2013 190k
112013Final NWPCC Joint Letter.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Additional Comments and Recommendations from Conservation and fisheries groups to NWPCC re: Columbia R. Basin Fish and Wildlife Plan Tess Wendel 11/20/2013 201k
Coalition of WA recreation orgs comment on NVUM.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Coalition of WA groups comment on National Visitor Use Monitoring Sarah E. Krueger 02/11/2013 252k
012213 WRAC support for Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road Enhancements.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Coalition support for Middle Fork Snoqualmie Enhancements Sarah E. Krueger 02/11/2013 337k
101413 Public Land Impact Letter to Leadership.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Comments from regional outdoor groups & Outdoor Alliance about impacts of government shutdown on public lands Sarah E. Krueger 10/16/2013 2m
091713 NWPCC Joint Letter on Protected Areas.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Comments on Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s process to amend the Fish and Wildlife Program, including the Protected Areas Program Sarah E. Krueger 10/07/2013 114k
071913 Comments on South Fork Skykomish Dam from conservation and recreation orgs.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Comments on South Fork Skykomish Dam from conservation and recreation orgs Sarah E. Krueger 07/25/2013 325k
072613 Joint Skykomish Geothermal Consent To Lease EA Comments.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Conservation & recreation group comments on the Skykomish Geothermal Consent to Lease EA Sarah E. Krueger 07/26/2013 182k
111413 ORG_ResponseLetter_Moratorium Fixed Anchors.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Director’s Order #41 and Fixed Anchors in NOCA Wilderness Tess Wendel 11/18/2013 304k
20121218_sustainable_roads_letter_FINAL.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Group Letter Sustainable Roads Analysis for Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie NF Katherine Hollis 12/19/2013 91k
012313 Letter to WDFW Vantage Toilet Project.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Letter of support for Vantage Toilet project Sarah E. Krueger 07/26/2013 136k
082313_NPS_Letter_Notice of Moratorium.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Notice of Moratorium of Fixed Anchors Aug 23 2013 Tess Wendel 11/18/2013 44k
080113 Support for LWCF allocations for Pacific Crest Trail.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Support for Collaborative Landscape Proposal for Pacific Crest Trail Sarah E. Krueger 08/01/2013 306k
073113 Support for Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Support for Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act Sarah E. Krueger 07/31/2013 186k
072313 FY15Budget Legacy Roads and Trails WWRI.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Support for Legacy Roads and Trails Budget Sarah E. Krueger 07/26/2013 68k
093013 Washington Organizations_FLREA.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Washington State recreation organizations support reauthorization and reform of Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Sarah E. Krueger 09/30/2013 96k

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