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After completing CHS, many of our participants feel moved to serve as hike leaders. There is a great need for hike leaders both for CHS and for the club’s general-membership outings. Becoming a Mountaineers hike leader is not difficult; it does not require extensive training or exotic certifications. There are two simple steps:
  1. Attend a two-hour workshop for prospective leaders.
  2. Partner with a qualified and experienced leader for a mentored hike. The mentor will help guide you through the process and will provide feedback on your performance.
Following the mentored trip--if you are approved by your mentor and the hiking committee--you will be qualified to begin leading trips yourself; some people prefer two mentored trips before leading hikes on their own.

Click this link to view detailed information page on becoming a hike leader. If, after reading that, you have more questions on becoming a CHS hike leader, please contact the course administrator.