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March Pacing Hikes

If you are uncertain whether you are a
CHS 1 (moderate) or CHS 2 (fast) pace, pacing hikes will be offered during the class session at Cedar River Watershed Education Center at Rattlesnake Ledge (near North Bend) on March 23. These hikes are optional, and are intended to give you an idea of the different paces so you can anticipate which course section is appropriate for you when the course starts in April. You do not need to participate if you already know which pacing group you will begin with. (Returning graduates: you are welcome on the hikes, but please sign up only if space is available as of the Wednesday evening before the class.)

Signup instructions will be provided soon after registration closes. The hikes will generally be led at one or the other pace as indicated below, but hike leaders will do short stretches at the opposite pace to illustrate the difference.

Note that all hikes depart from trailheads that require a Discover Pass for each parked vehicle. If you frequently hike in areas managed by Washington State Parks, Department of Natural Resource, or Department of Fish and Wildlife, we recommend buying a yearly pass ($30). Many hikes on the CHS schedule also visit these areas. Having said that, a day pass ($10) will work fine for your pacing hike. Either way, if you plan to drive to the trailhead for a pacing hike, please purchase your Discover Pass in advance, both to save time and because not all trailheads have payment boxes for day passes.

Please contact
Steve Payne  or
Kelly Cleman with any questions about the pacing hikes.