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Signing up for Carpooling
Carpooling is strongly encouraged. It will save gas, decrease the number of cars at the trailhead, and provide additional socializing (and napping) opportunities. Drivers must not nap ;-).

For more information on how carpooling works and who to contact with questions, view this page on The Mountaineer's web site.

Riders and drivers are expected to share the costs of transportation
plus a share of any park entry fees, ferry fares, etc. The cost of gas may fluctuate due to the number of people in the car, the cost per gallon of gas, the miles driven, and the mileage the driver's car gets. Drivers are encouraged to keep the amount fair if they have several passengers—this isn’t a capitalistic enterprise. Please consider being a driver as often as you can. The same people don’t want to have to drive every time—they appreciate being passengers too.

What trailhead passes will I need?

If you are driving you will need a Northwest Forest Pass for your car to park at all improved trailheads in wilderness and national forest areas in Washington. Cost is $30 for an annual pass and can be purchased at the Mountaineers Bookstore. If the hike is in a national park such as Mt. Rainier, Olympic or North Cascade National Parks, an entrance fee may be required and the Northwest Forest Pass does not apply. You can buy a combined pass that covers both National Park entrance and improved trailheads. The pass is the called America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass and you can obtain one here:

Trailheads located in areas managed by Washington State Parks, Department of Natural Resource, or Department of Fish and WildlifeSt require a Discover Pass for each parked vehicle. If you frequently hike in these types of areas we recommend buying a yearly pass ($30). Many hikes on the CHS schedule also visit these areas. Having said that, a day pass ($10) will work fine for your pacing hike. Either way, if you plan to drive to the trailhead for a pacing hike, please purchase your Discover Pass in advance, both to save time and because not all trailheads have payment boxes for day passes.

The hike leader will inform you of any additional fees beyond a Northwest Forest Pass when they send out hike information. All participants in the carpool are expected to help pay any additional fees.